GoCom4 Intercom

The latest multi-rider full-duplex Bluetooth intercom.

Comes with the latest Qualcomm 5.1 Bluetooth technology, the GoCom4 model ensures freely conference group communication among multi-riders. The dual-chip design enables multitasking advantages, each riders could have the communication while enjoy his cellphone music in background. An ideal motor intercom for your choice.

US $89.99


Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.1 chip for ultimate premium performance and transmission speed.

Enables 4 riders full-duplex group conference communication without any hassle.

Talking distance reaches to 1500 meters when 4-rider connected on the opened terrain.

Advanced CVC noise cancellation technology filters most of the wind and surrounding noise for a clear sound.

Qualcomm BT 5.1

The world’s best communicator 

GoCom4 is design with dual Bluetooth chip providing a stable and freely using experience for riders. 

The multi-tasking features allows every single rider in the group could talking with each other, in the meanwhile listening to the cellphone music either FM radio as well.

4-way Full-duplex

The awesome Bluetooth communicator

Allows 4 riders around 1500m communication distance while outdoor riding tours.
Enjoy the free conference talking on the road without any hassle.

40MM HD Speaker

CVC Noise Cancellation

Equipped with premium 40mm HD speaker and fully optimization, the GoCom4 providing rider the ultra crystal-clear sounds while riding.
The cvc noise cancellation technology could also effectively filter some winds and surrounding noise even in high-speed riding.

Voice Assistant

Support all market cellphones.

After pressing the physical buttons on the GoCom4 model, it could automatically activate your cellphone voice assistant function.
Your could speak to the microphone and command it.

FM Radio

Hear the stations wherever you go.

Comes with built-in FM radio function, you could receive your road FM radio stations on the halfway wherever you ride, enjoy the FM while communicating with your friend.

Multi-taslking Features

Deal with different functions simultaneously.

Due to the inside dual-chip design, the technology support the BT communication and BT cellphone music at the same time.
Besides, each riders in the group could use their cellphone or other BT enabled devices (BT version at least BT 3.0 even above) all the time without any interference.