GoTalk4 Intercom

Latest 2-way full-duplex Bluetooth intercom.

The GoTalk4 model is a 2-way full-duplex motorcycle Bluetooth intercom. Support max 4-riders connected together and 2-rider talking at the same time. Designed with aesthetic shape and big buttons for easy operation while riding even wearing toughie gloves.

US $54.99



Bluetooth 5.1

800m Talking Distance

2-way Full-duplex, 4-rider Connected

2 Cellphone Connected

CVC Noise Cancellation

FM Radio

Voice Assistant

40mm HD Speaker

800M Distance

4-rider Connected

2-way full-duplex intercom.

The GoTalk4 main device could choose to switch to any one of the sub-device for freely communication.
Any one in the group could listen to the FM radio as background while riding on halfway.

Qualcomm Chip

Bluetooth 5.1

High-premium performance.

The GoTalk4 is equipped with advanced new Qualcomm 5.1 Bluetooth chip for ultra-premium stable performance and transmission speed.

40mm HD Speaker

High-quality Sounds

The composite diaphragm moving coil proving the 3D sounds effects. Ensures the full and balanced nature crystal-clear sounds while riding and listening.

Connect 2 BT

Two BT Support

The GoTalk4 support pair with 2 cellphones at the same time, riders could also pair one cellphone and one Bluetooth enables GPS or other devices.
The GoTalk4 would only operate or receive sounds from the last paired BT device, for controlling the first paired one, you have to switch to the first model manually.